Baticom s.r.o.


Since its founding in 1997, BATICOM Ltd. operated its activities to get quality results based on flexibility during the execution of its contract.
BATICOM Ltd. carefully selects his partners and through this, has created a database of high quality and experienced workers who have received a confidence of its clients.
This BATICOM results helps today, its growth and its international development scale ,which is not too common in the category of small and medium company in the construction industry.

The BATICOM Ltd. Services consists of four major performances:

Design of buildings and architectural design

Using the latest modern and compatible equipments in the field of design, which allows communication with each partner, the company designs and projects, according to the general and technical requirements in the respect of the financial analysis concerning the building works.

Consultation in the field of General contract building procedures

Based on its long-term experience BATICOM Ltd. offers to his clients these following performances:

Technical supervision and management during the execution of the project

Project managers, in collaboration with the technical BATICOM Ltd management team provide the quality design respecting the technical and financial requirements of the customer, all this, according to the estimate schedule or planning.

Construction and buildings works

In charge of the supervision, the technical management, controls the skilled workers or contractor, during the execution of the project respecting the delay and the required quality.

Type of buildings, which provides BATICOM Ltd :

Civil Engineering

Public, technology and industrial buildings

BATICOM Ltd. provide the execution of its projects with respect to the environmental requirements and according to the necessary environment demands.

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